In a turbulent digital landscape, Riley Designs is the path of least resistance.

Designing Websites, Logos, Posters, & Brands.
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Web Design in Iowa? Yep!

I am a Fairfield Iowa based designer specializing in web, graphics, logos and illustrations. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty but I love the feeling of cleaning things up! Hope I can help you with your project.

WordPress for Everyone?

WordPress makes perfect sense for the majority of my clients who need a website. It offers a flexible, powerful, SEO friendly framework with an intuitive user interface. Often cheaper too!

Sharing Projects & Inspiration

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Sustainable Website Design: What is That?

How about award-winning, responsive, time-tested, upgradable, expandable, efficient and effective web design, logos & branding in a small town with an international awareness.

Fairfield, Iowa is the backdrop and RileyDesigns is the raw, fresh-squeezed, organic sauce that makes the bare lettuce taste like sweet purpose.


“Kevin is highly effective. He did a fantastic job at listing to my needs and then realizing my vision for the site. He created a beautiful modern product but also helped me understand how to utilize it.”

“Quick and responsive to our projects shifting needs. Kevin was great at providing fresh ideas and fine-tuning our rough design.”


“He is an excellent designer, good technologist and has a great sense of what it takes to make a solid website. Plus he’s a pleasure to work with.”

Colloquy Digital, LLC