Owner, Designer & Brand Strategist at Riley Designs


I am a problem solver with a passion for design.  I design for the web, for print, for store shelves, table tops, labels, billboards, logos, and brands. It feels great to give someone the tools they need to promote and grow their business more efficiently.

I work with forward thinkers in retail, marketing, advertising, user experience, product development and packaging. I also support small local businesses. I aim to exceed client expectations with every project.

I currently work as a Freelance Web Designer & Brand Consultant in Fairfield, Iowa.


In 1998, after graduating from San Jose State University, I found myself in the heart of silicon valley. Good fortune and a little determination landed me a job at Adobe Inc.   I created digital imagery that shipped with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and ImageReady. I assisted in testing and developing new features for these programs while creating artwork and marketing materials for demo’s, tutorials, brochures, and web.

The diversity of design projects coming my way drove me to pursue freelancing.  I love a challenge.  I am a classically trained artist with extensive experience in graphic and UX design. I have the ability to anticipate and encapsulate the needs of my clients. I “get” what my clients need and I enjoy making it happen.

Landing an opportunity to design a couple product websites for Black & Decker, in 2009, gave me a foothold in the world of website design and a couple of awards from the Web Marketing Association to go along with them. WordPress has made it possible for me to build much more dynamic and responsive websites with a much smaller team. I continue to offer website design as part of my brand strategy toolkit.