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Grow Fairfield Logo & Brand Refresh

Client:  Grow Fairfield – Formerly FEDA (Fairfield Economic Development Association)

Details: This Grow Fairfield rebrand and logo re-design was an opportunity to clearly align the association’s identity with their mission (to grow Fairfield, Iowa) and their website’s domain name (

Yes, I’ve also designed and developed their website.  More about that here. Or, check out the live site here

Grow Fairfield Various Logos

The new logo echoes the 3 pillars of Grow Fairfield’s strategy and mission through it’s use of 3 overlapping colored circles and 3 concentric rings radiating out from our geographical location in the State of Iowa.

Those 3 pillars are referenced in this excerpt from the mission statement:
“We’re here so that you’ll want to LIVE here, BUILD here, and GROW your business here”

Those same 3 colors, which are tied to corresponding mission pillars, are also reflected on the website and in assorted media to create a sense of continuity and familiarity accross platforms and projects.

The logo represents growth, movement and overlapping spheres of influence while being solidly anchored in Southeast Iowa.